Personalized Rate of Return

March 4, 2017


Calculate Personalized Rate of Return from cash flows

Calculating accurate and reliable  Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for client reporting is quickly moving from a "nice-to-have" feature to an iron-clad requirement for the wealth management industry. IRR can be calculated for a single security such as a mutual fund or stock, on an entire account like an RRSP, or across a full portfolio of accounts.

The Univeris IRR API helps firms provide accurate IRR calculations, fast. The API supports real-time calculations for individual investments, as well as an aggregation mode which enables users to group by nearly any set of variables such as investment type or account.

The IRR service is designed to deal with vast amounts of data, enabling calculations on long investment histories across millions of client accounts concurrently. This type of robust service is a must-have for producing batch statements as well as ad-hoc requests.

As an Open API, the Univeris IRR hides the complexity of the calculation while providing the most accurate and pertinent results, much appreciated by regulators as well.

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