Unified Tech Solutions as Prospecting Tool for DRs

August 16, 2016

Today’s clients demand user-friendly, tech-based access


The digital revolution is steamrolling ahead – and there’s no stopping it. Electronic, mobile access to everything from music to investment account statements is the new normal, and service providers who keep their clients paperbound risk becoming obsolete.

Exempt market dealers (EMDs) will not be exempt from this trend. Firms that equip their dealing representatives (DRs) with the tools to cater to a digitally minded clientele will be a step ahead of their competitors; those that maintain stacks of file folders stuffed with paper forms will have little hope of staying afloat.

The exempt market is a heavily form-intensive segment of the investment world. If you were a digitally savvy client, who would you rather work with? (A) a DR who has every single piece of client-relevant data – forms, approvals, real-time status updates, investment holdings, email correspondence – on a user-friendly, tablet-based interface. Or, (B) a DR who has some client information on one digital system, other client information on another system, and key forms in paper format in a file folder somewhere in his or her office?

Many dealers are transitioning to seamlessly unified systems that enable clients to interact with DRs whenever, wherever. These systems aren’t simply tools of administrative and recordkeeping efficiency; they are prospecting tools for savvy DRs.

You may be thinking that transitioning to a fully unified, digital platform is something you can put off. “It’s the millennial generation where digital-first is a must, and this generation hasn’t come of age from an investment point of view. I still have 10, 15 years before they are ready for the exempt market,” you may think.

This view may be comforting, but it’s misguided. Investors in their 40s, 50s and 60s – even 70s – are as digitally savvy as their millennial children and grandchildren. You will set yourself apart in the eyes of these investors by being there for them wherever you are, and wherever they are.


Emmanuel Gonnet

VP, Product Management

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