Univeris Named Top FinTech Company

Wealth Professional names Univeris as Top FinTech Company in Canada

Univeris’ Vice President of Product Management, Emmanuel Gonnet, and Vice President of Sales & Client Management, John van Kralingen, had the pleasure of sitting down with Wealth Professional Magazine to talk about the evolution of the company and products, as well as the challenges of being an innovation leader and a top FinTech company.

FinTech Before it Was FinTech (The year was 1991)

Univeris was the first platform that provided a real-time distribution processing system for mutual funds in Canada, and this has remained an industry standard ever since. What started off as a back-office system evolved with the addition of advisor- and compliance-focused solutions.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Being a top FinTech company in the wealth management industry, there’s no shortage of competition. Univeris has remained at the forefront by refusing to become complacent with product development and innovation.

At its core, Univeris has always been working to automate the whole end-to-end process and move towards more advisor-focused solutions. Over the past few years, Univeris has had to focus on giving advisors a range of different products. Prime examples of this are robo-solutions, portfolio analytics, and goal-based investing.

The Future

Univeris’ platform is unrecognizable from its humble beginnings; and it’s safe to say that a few years from now, the platform will be unrecognizable from today. In previous years, Univeris has expanded product offerings into GICs and insurance – next up will be ETFs. In addition, Univeris has recently made the move into new regulatory spaces, such as the Exempt Market Dealers space – to follow, the company’s plan is to launch a securities solution for IIROC dealers.

A major advantage of having been in an industry like FinTech for so long is that it gets better with age. Univeris technology doesn’t get old — rather, it gets better with time, having the knowledge and resources for constant improvement. Financial advisors need to know that all their bases are covered when they use wealth management software, and have the capacity to focus on what they are trained to do, which is build their practise — and Univeris strives to provide just that.

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