Robo-Advice Offer: Automated Investing Services Explained

How Univeris’ Robo-Advice Offer Works

Recent market shifts in the wealth management landscape have created a greater need for technology innovation. Investing in robo-advice capabilities – either as a standalone or as an augmentation of advisor services already offered – is a must for many firms across various industries in order to keep up with recent trends.

The benefits of investing in robo-advice technology are plenty, including: increasing market share, attracting more investors by diversifying product lines or attracting more investors by focusing on specific personas, offering additional distribution channels for proprietary products, enhancing investor-experience, and taking advantage of cost efficiencies.

Automated Investing (aka as robo-advice) represents a technology based on offering investors a mostly self-serve approach to investment. Smart algorithms compute the optimal portfolio for a given client and keep the portfolio suitable through changes in market or client conditions.

Technology Powered Advice

We build the finest advice algorithms, such a patented client discovery, portfolio selection, asset allocation, re-balancing, tax optimization and more.

Expert Digital Platform

Each client is unique and our robo-advice solution takes this uniqueness seriously. Our solution can be customized to suit your needs. We have all the components and tools necessary to build a solution that will integrate with your current technology, or create a new offer that stands on its own.

Focus on User Experience, Service, and Personalization

Our white label software with investor focused workflow allows each investor to create an experience aligned with their offering and style. From enabling the specifics of your brand to delivering your unique advice algorithms or value proposition, we can combine a rich set of components to deliver on your specifics.

Univeris Robo-Advisor

To learn more about how Univeris’ automated investing service, CONNECT 3.0, can be used to augment the advisor and investor experience, fill out the form below.

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