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Key Trading API for the Enterprise

There is no question that offering ETFs, PTFs, Mutual Funds, Seg Funds, Savings, and GIC is crucial to wealth managers. Considering the upcoming targeted reforms, those products constitute at the same time the mandatory and sole products required in a retail wealth management context.

In a previous communication, Univeris has already shared that the Univeris Enterprise Wealth Management (EWMS) platform offers them all in the most practical and compliant manner. However, one of the secret components powering the solution in the Univeris Omnibus-as-a-Service Solution.

In the context of an MFDA firm, the Omnibus platform is what permits MFDA dealers to access the ETF market by setting up trade execution, clearing and custody arrangements with IIROC Dealer Members. The same solution includes access to PTFs.

But did you know that the Univeris Omnibus-as-a-Service solution could also be used to solve other problems and without the use of EWMS? 


ETF/PTF enablement: The most obvious option is for a wealth management firm who already leverages a distribution system, Omnibus is a nice and easy way to offer ETF/PTF. With its FIX interface as an API, the Omnibus solution magically processes trades and corporate actions.

Batch and Bulk Trading: There are many situations where firms need to either batch or bulk trades in order to save on the cost of trading or deal with large volumes. An Omnibus trading account comes with that possible capability that leads to trade aggregation.

Trading as a Service: Last example for now. There are many firms running multiple lines of business. While there have always been pros-and-cons between centralized, shared services or complete autonomy, some firms may find it more practical from an Enterprise Architecture point view to implementing a single point of access to the various market places. That for example could create economies-of-scale.

Curious about Omnibus, contact Univeris to know more.

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