EMD Compliance: From Burden to Opportunity

Exempt Market Dealers must use technology to turn compliance into a competitive advantage

Ask anyone in the investment industry to identify the single most significant trend in the last five years, and you will almost certainly get a one-word answer: regulation. Canada’s securities regulators have intensified their rule-making and oversight activities to an unprecedented degree, placing immense – and highly complex – responsibilities on the shoulders of investment dealers, in particular. A recent report from the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC) refers to the “unrelenting rise in the regulatory burden” and the “steep…rise in operating costs” that brings the burden to many firms.

In this environment, the profitability – and, in some cases, the very survival – of a dealer can depend on how thoroughly and cost-effectively it meets its compliance challenges.

You can download the full white paper by clicking exempt_market_technology.

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