Retail Wealth Management Business Model 4.0

August 1, 2019


Over the past three decades, the dominant retail wealth management business model has undergone a significant evolution, shifting in focus from product to distribution to the client. Most recently, stricter regulations and changing Canadian demographics have spurred this evolution and taken customer-centricity to the next level.

Clients are now in the driver’s seat–and it’s having a huge impact on how firms and advisors do business. Let’s take a look at how technology can support you in what we at Univeris call “Retail Wealth Management Business Model 4.0.”

Everyone Expects Customization

In this new retail wealth management business model, investors are looking for tailored solutions that speak to their unique financial goals, with more involvement in the investment process. However, such personalized service has traditionally been reserved for high-net-worth clientele. Thanks to automated mass customization technology, wealth management firms can now respond to this demand without the manual, time-consuming effort involved in individual personalization.

A New Investment Approach

More demand for customized solutions from investors of all types has caused wealth management firms to shift investment strategies. Whereas the risk-based strategy of the past served only the ultra-affluent, who have longer time horizons to grow their wealth and financial safety nets in place to weather market downturns, a goal-based approach enables people at various life stages and income levels to meet major milestones through their investments.

Enhanced Robo-Advice

In an effort to increase operational efficiency and serve clients’ needs on-demand, 24-hours-a-day, the use of the robo advisor continues to increase. With enhanced analytics and smarter technology providing valuable investor insights and much-needed automation, wealth management firms can now support time-strapped advisors through a hybrid model, easing the burden of “doing it all” and allowing them to focus on the high-value, high-touch aspects of their role.

New Fee Structures

The industry is moving away from embedded commissions to a fee-for-service model and a growing mix of both active and passive investments, with regulators calling for more transparency as part of an enhanced fiduciary duty to clients. A unified platform that supports all plans and products makes this transition easy.

Ready to prepare your business for Retail Wealth Management Business Model 4.0? Email us at to learn how our technology can place you ahead of the curve. You can also request a free demo.

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