When Investors Achieve Financial Goals, Everyone Wins

Goal-Based Investing Helps Investors and Advisors Achieve their Financial Objectives

When it comes to investing, investors and advisors ultimately want the same thing. In simplified terms, investors want to achieve their financial goals. Financial Advisors also want this exact same thing because Investors who achieve their financial goals are happier investors, more engaged investors, and more loyal investors; all of which benefits everyone in the long run, including advisors and wealth management firms.

Yet, the strategy most advisors (and investors) adopt is not conducive to achieving this common end goal.

The Problem with One-Time Planning

Many financial advisors rely on a one-time financial planning session where the recommendation typically is a blanket-approach to investing. As a result, there are several fatal flaws in this one-time financial planning method:

  1. 1. Advisors and investors are required to make many assumptions, which are highly speculative and subject to change over time. This leaves advisors and investors doubting the validity of the outputs.
  1. 2. The method does not enable ongoing investor engagement. In fact, it may discourage investor engagement because advisors and investors struggle to reconcile details of a plan that may no longer be relevant.
  1. 3. The onus rests mainly on the advisor and represents a substantial amount of work when many modern investors are willing to take on a bigger role in attaining their own financial goals.

Minimizing Financial Planning Obstacles

Univeris’ GoalINSIGHTS provides investors and advisors a platform that minimizes the obstacles of the one-time financial planning method by enabling an ongoing, continuous dialogue between investor and advisor, including:

  1. 1. The ability to update assumptions as factors change over time.
  1. 2. Access to real-time progress updates as to whether the investor is on track and recommendations of action steps to adjust their goals and strategies, if needed.
  1. 3. Feedback on actions investors and advisors need to take to maximize the chances of reaching their investment goals.

Use GoalINSIGHTS To Achieve Financial Objectives

To learn more about how Univeris’ GoalINSIGHTS can help investors and advisors achieve their financial goals, fill out the form below.

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