Goal-Based Investing (GBI) API

Engage and Educate Investors through Goal Tracking

For many, investing is like watching paint dry. Goal tracking solutions a way better model where investors get into a personalized, often digital experience. Goal-based investing utilizes a MEG (motivation, education and gamification) approach with pertinent tracking of progress and achievements through real time analytics, giving investors a better shot at achieving their financial dreams.

The Univeris Goal-Tracking API (aka GoalINSIGHTS) offers a convenient way to deliver a GBI experience. The API offers the ability to track various goal-types (savings, insurance, life…) through account aggregations with multi-currency and multi-lingual support.

The API also offers build-in smarts:

Trackers permit the real-time calculation of achieved vs expected progress and other analytics.
Through Werities, the Univeris Goal-Tracking API delivers pointed education and content to motivate and help the decision making oracles use AI to offer advice through predictive analytics.

With built-in trophies, notifications and decision engines, the API offers gamification and further engagement opportunities to keep investors on top of their financial and non-financial life.

The Univeris.io team.

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