Hello World! Introducing Our New Open API Service

Today Univeris is launching its univeris.io open API service.

Univeris.io is a suite of WealthTech micro-services designed to make it easier to offer wealth management applications. The end-points include both fundamental functions, like financial math and document management, to very specialized investor engagement tools, like goal tracking.

Working with APIs fundamentally enables faster time to market by providing access to new capabilities and algorithms. In the era of digital transformation and innovation in Wealth Management, working with WealthTech is a key ingredient for success.

“We are proud to offer the key algorithms through modern WealthTech APIs, the very same algorithms we’ve been using with many enterprise clients,” said Emmanuel Gonnet, Vice President of Product Management.

“Those micro-services will reduce the innovation lead time for many by offering convenient access to our digital platform,” added Gonnet.

Univeris is releasing univeris.io in phases, starting with a sample API catalog that includes IRR calculations, statement rendering, and goal tracking. Univeris will then add to the catalog with RegTech algorithms such as suitability and many more end-points.

“What’s unique with our WealthTech API catalog is that it addresses the full-stack of needs in the distribution space,” added Gonnet. “Investor engagement, compliance, and efficient back-end operations are all part of our consumer-driven, expert-powered model“.


Stay Tuned!

The Univeris.io Team


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