Produce Documents that Clients Will Read

Produce Professional and Compliant Documentation

At every stage of a relationship with an investor, documents are required to either comply with regulations or deliver the information investors need.

From initial proposal to regulatory statements, those documents must not only contain accurate information but also must do justice to your brand. The quality of the information and the design of the documents have a strong influence in how investors understand the services offered and the performance of those services.

The Univeris Reporting APIs is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution capable of turning complex data into sharp looking reports. Industry templates are used to accelerate your document design and ensure regulatory requirements are considered. You or Univeris can customize those templates to reflect the specific needs of your firm.

The Univeris end-points are designed for both one-off requests and mass requests. For example, at statement time, the Univeris APIs allows you to submit multiple jobs and thousands of documents to process.

Lastly, the Univeris Reporting APIs include storage with archiving rules to ensure that documents can be accessed and audited any time.

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