Reasons Exempt Market Dealers Need a Book of Record

Essential to the day-to-day business of Exempt Market Dealers is the adoption of their own Book of Record. A Book of Record is an operational system for process, Exempt Market Dealer compliance, and data management that: (1) reduces manual work, (2) accelerates business processing, (3) acts as a proof of Exempt Market Dealer compliance, (4) allows exempt market dealers to be ready for the next audit, and (5) manages large amounts of data.

Reduce manual work

Managing documentation electronically reduces the higher error rate associated with manual processing and reduces time and monetary costs. Automation not only allows for more accuracy and efficiency but also enables complex data computation.

Accelerate business processing

Collaborate with EMD Dealing Representatives for processing data, maintaining records, and submitting final trade documentation to issues in order to expedite trade entry and trade supervision.

Proof of Exempt Market Dealer compliance

A Book of Record can be proof of EMD compliance itself—by being able to demonstrate supervision when required. A Book of Record also allows for the electronic filing of all confidential information and mandatory material (such as KYC forms and other client records).


When it comes time for the next audit, all files and documentation have already been recorded in the Book of Record and are immediately accessible. Pulling this information for auditors will require minimal effort, saving time and associated monetary costs.

Manage large amounts of data

A Book of Record is a database that has a long memory and the ability to compute large amounts of data. With CRM2 now in place, a Book of Record is the only way to compute investment performance and create compliant statements in the years to come.

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